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What’s Your Business Worth?

Whatever your business is worth today, as a business leader you will surely be interested in increasing its future value. Here’s how we would help you do that.

Through a series of facilitated workshops, with your leadership team, to establish, refine and confirm the following key elements, recognised as fundamental to long-term success;

  • Our future Enterprise Value – What do we want the business to be worth?
  • Our Purpose – What difference do we make? What is our Vision?
  • Our Customer Value – What value do we deliver to our customers? What problems do we solve for them?
  • Our Success Drivers – What are the Drivers of our Future Success? What is our plan for delivering them effectively and efficiently?
  • Our Enablers – What are the Enablers of our Future Success? (e.g. Systems, Structure, Investment Capital, Culture, Behaviours, Staff, Training and Development, Skills, Premises, Loans, Processes) and how will we deliver them most effectively and efficiently?
  • Action Plans – How will we deliver? Who? When? With what resources?
  • Follow Through – What ‘s happening? What’s not? What next?

With Comprehensive, Detailed and Specific on-going support to help you hold yourself and your team members to account.


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