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What Happened this Week?

I’m using this post to cover off some of the points I discussed on LinkedIn over the past couple of weeks. I hope this is a chance for you to catch up on them, if you missed them on LinkedIn itself.

On the 11th I talked about a walk with my dog…

Just back from a walk with the dog and realised that we are a team.

And that our team works because we have agreed and shared expectations. My dog expects to have a walk each day around lunchtime; she expects that at some point in the walk we’ll have a game of throw and return (a stick or a ball) and she expects to be free to meet and greet other dogs and walkers.

My expectations are that; she will come to heel (stay close) when asked, never stray to far away from me and generally follow any commands I give.

It seems to work pretty well.

We both have an enjoyable walk, achieve our shared and respective objectives and in my case, I come back refreshed to do more work…whilst she has another sleep!”

This post got 10 likes and 1 comment. People like dog talk on LinkedIn!

On the 12th I wrote about the GDPR, as follows;

Am I alone in sensing a frenzy of fear around the GDPR?

It’s like those scenes in Blue Planet 2 where the shoal of fish is being pushed to the surface and squeezed ever tighter by sharks and dolphins. The sharks and dolphins being the consultancies and vendors purporting to offer total solutions to all your GDPR requirements. The fish…well you get the metaphor.

If this feels familiar, it may be worth re-framing the situation.

The 25th May is not the finish. Its the start. To a never ending journey.

Yes, of course, if you are affected by the GDPR, you need to do stuff – to understand the data you hold, the impact of the Regulation and the risks. And you need to have some policies and processes in place plus a basic GDPR Management System. But…these can and should be the minimum.

A bit like software product development, where the first release is the Minimum Viable Product.

Don’t be seduced by those who offer you panaceas to the Regulation; those that say they can ‘solve’ it for you or those that say, ‘I’m a GDPR expert.’

The fact is, we don’t know all the questions, yet alone have all the answers.

The real work starts after the 25th May, because that’s when you understand that GDPR compliance is about changing the culture of your organisation…”

This got 7 likes and 1 comment.

On the 15th I wrote;

“I sent a friend a link to an article explaining the blockchain yesterday. His reply “Thank you. Now I’ve read it I can pretend to be an expert.”

What do you think about this? Is it okay to pretend? Or is it not okay?

Or, is it more accurate to say that we are all pretending at some level? And, that knowing the extent of your own pretense is all that separates the expert from the charlatan? Here is the link if you too want to be a blockchain pretender

 Must be that everyone already knows this, because it got zero comments or likes…

On the 16th I wrote;

“Just read an article titled ‘it’s time to bomb North Korea.’ WTF What could possibly go wrong?”

I’d just read the article in question and got quite spooked by the thinking behind it. However, I must have been the only one, because it got no likes or comments!

On the 17th I wrote:

“Lying. What’s your view on lying?

There seems to be a lot of it about nowadays.

In, around, about the Whitehouse/S**tehouse/hole. In, about, towards the media. From CEOs to politicians and writers, it seems there is a lot of lying going on.

Of course we can be outraged. But that’s the easy bit. It’s easy to be outraged about others behaviour.

What about you and your lies though.

How far are you prepared to lie?

To protect your job, to get promoted, to gain that bonus?

What about when it comes to lying because you are told to, or coerced into it? When a lie will win you that deal and a new customer?

Or, is lying so endemic within your company culture that everyone seems to do it; whether at a petty level e.g fiddling their expenses, taking credit for results that others achieve, changing survey results so that your boss doesn’t get any bad news, or at a big level – over company activities or profitability?

What are your thoughts before you lie?

Would you lie because its easy, expedient, expected?

When is it right to lie?

If my experience of corporate life is any guide, then sooner or later (and sooner is more likely) you are going to be faced with an opportunity, a need or an expectation to lie.

What will you do?

Does not lying even matter any more?”

This was another post that got zero interaction! Disappointing to say the least.

On the 18th I wrote about bingo…

Glad Sad Mad Scared Bingo“Have you ever played emotional bingo?

It’s the same as buzzword bingo, but with emotions instead of buzzwords.

You fill out your list of emotions from each of the four main groups – Glad, Sad, Mad and Scared.

Then whilst listening or watching someone or reading, see if you can identify which of these emotions the speaker or writer is using to get a reaction from you.

It can provide a fascinating insight into their motives, and their aims.

Give it a go at your next Town Hall. Listen to the CEO and figure them out.

Try it at your next meeting with your boss. What emotions are they playing with?

I find it really helpful as a way of getting behind the words to sense what’s really going on…how I’m being played and what drives the other!”

Guess what – another post that got zero interaction! So disappointed that I didn’t do one on Friday and need to rethink what I’m doing. No point just continuing with these.

However, what does seem to get more traction is when I add a comment to someone else’s posts. So maybe that is the way to go? I’m going to try it out over the next week and see what happens.

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