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Most certainly a total scam

Here is an email I and another 53 people (all our emails were listed in the To: field) received recently from some non-existent organisation or person pretending that I’d subscribed to their newsletter. It’s clever in that it focuses on the request that I unsubscribe by clicking on the prominent link in the email (see below), if I don’t want to get updates (which I don’t).


 However, it’s a Scamaroonie

When you hover over the link in your email client, you see the following;

ScamaroonieWhich is a totally different website to that listed in the email itself. This is a giveaway that it’s a scamaroonie; however it requires you to be alert to the possibility that its a scam and therefore that you will check before clicking.

I first saw this on my mobile email and for a moment was tempted to click immediately and unsubscribe as I have no interest in betting, although I did watch the Grand National.

So it was a case of good timing on behalf of the scammer and my natural skepticism about whether I would have knowingly signed up to get these tips that raised my curiosity and concern.

Stay Vigilant

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