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Reserve and Collect Phishing Email

An (almost) believable phishing email scam

On first sight this ‘Reserve and Collect’ email looks as though it is above board and ‘proper.’ Like many of us nowadays, I’m an avid user of click and collect ordering services – especially from Argos, as it’s good value and easy to collect from locally.

So when this arrived in my inbox, I initially thought it was legit. Then I had another look and realised it was a scam. Not least because I couldn’t think of anything I’d ordered recently that I hadn’t already received. The other telltale sign was that the postcode listed below is incorrect, although the phone number is legit – it’s my business line (if you want to get hold of me!).

Reserve and Collect Scam

 It’s a Scamaroonie

When you hover over the link in your email client, you see the following;

Reserve and Collect Scam link

Which is not any website I recognise. I also then viewed the From email link and found it was from another unknown url (at least to me) and different to the one shown above.

So a scam.

Stay Vigilant

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