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This half day Personal Productivity for Professionals workshop is aimed at organizations who want their professional employees to be more productive personally.Personal Productivity for Professionals

This Personal Productivity workshop equips participants with the tools that enable them to to take control of their personal and professional lives and to become more effective in their daily activities.  It is much more than simply about time management.

This workshop will help your employees to;

  • Get on top of their work
  • Make more productive use of their time
  • Clarify how they will achieve their goals – short, medium and long

Personal Productivity for Professionals – the Agenda

The workshop cover the following topics;

  • The Power of the 1% – how small improvements, consistently developed, lead to big wins
  • Personal Goal setting – what is it you need to achieve and what are your development goals?
  • What are your Primary Tasks – the small number of things that you really really should be focusing on
  • How do you do that?
  • Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily activity planning – how you will reach those goals
  • Dealing with the unplanned – managing your time and focus to handle all the unexpected demands that are placed on you

This workshop is highly interactive and flexible to meet the needs of both the organization and the employee.  Participants leave with a draft plan to deliver on their primary tasks and with ideas and techniques for handling the unexpected.

We can also schedule one or more follow up sessions with participants to see how they are getting on and to coach them to use what they have learned. Because we all know just how difficult it is to turn good intentions into lasting habits. And yet, is is only through our habits that we can achieve our goals.

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