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Ensuring your Teams Deliver and your Employees Succeed

This programme is designed for all managers who need to know how to deal with the people side of management and ensure that their team delivers and their employees succeed.  Managers who want their people to shine and their organization to thrive. Managers who want to be managing for success.

The Managing for Success – Making People Management Work programme provides managers with the key tools and techniques they need in order to;

  • Be more effective at managing and leading others
  • Establish a team of people who want to be managed and led by them
  • Have self-motivated staff


Ever since I was promoted into my very first managerial role, I’ve been flummoxed by how little time and effort is put into developing the people skills of managers.  For me personally, this first role proved to be a disaster, as I was given no support or help and therefore worked on the basis that I had been promoted to be a manager because of the way I worked as a sole contributor.
Making Management WorkThe result was that I tried to make my staff work the way I worked!  Bad for them, bad for me and bad for the organization.

I ended up leaving the company after about six months of anxiety and pain (for all involved) and it was only at my next employer that I found a mentor who helped me become a good people manager…or at least showed me the tools and techniques needed to become good.

Since then I’ve been developing and running numerous leadership programmes, but always wanted to create something that was directly focused on management skills – specifically people management for managers who have never had ‘proper’ management training and have the desire to become great at people management.

To become the managers people want to work for.

And for employers who appreciate that their greatest asset, and biggest cost – their people – could be far more effective and productive with a bit of excellent people management.

This is that programme.

Managing for Success – Making Management Work – the Agenda

The programme combines 6 individual coaching sessions and a one and a half day workshop, because this takes care of the biggest challenge – making the learning stick in the day to day world of work, by building in routines and daily habits.

This takes care of the biggest issue – that we all have a tendency to give up on things.  Daily habits make the process work…and working process leads to us reaching our goals, consistently.

This is a highly interactive programme which incorporates the very latest thinking about the following critical people management skills and capabilities;

  • Listening
  • Scope of Management
  • Planning and Prioritisation
  • How our Brains Work
  • Motivation
  • Feedback
  • Delegation
  • Performance Management
  • People Development

As a result of this programme, participants will have the experience to be more effective in their management roles and will themselves be more motivated to be great managers.  The outcome for your business is a better, more successful organisation.

One that thrives and where people shine.

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Do contact us on +44 (0)1252 727 980 for more information about pricing and dates for the Managing for Success – Making People Management Work Programme.

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