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How to Win Buy-in to the Value you Deliver

Business development has never been trickier or more difficult. Simply because of customer time pressures, crazy schedules and the shear difficulty of enabling any level of change in your client’s business. And let’s be clear – sales is in the business of change, pure and simple.

If you can’t get your prospective customer to change the way they do things, you won’t get them to buy into the new way. And if they won’t buy into the new way, all you are left with is selling a commodity – and that means selling to the lowest price.

Which is no fun at all.

So how do you win Buy-in to your Value?

It all starts with having a value driven sales strategy. And that requires you to ensure you have a clear, effective and agreed sales strategy, with input to it and commitment from, all other functions within your organisation. In other words Sales cannot succeed on its own.

Sales cannot succeed on its own

We achieve this for our clients by running one or more facilitated workshops that cover;

  • Defining our Sales Purpose and Principles
  • Establishing Target Markets, Sectors, Customers
  • Identifying what problems we solve
  • Creating effective Value Propositions
  • Introducing the Buying Cycle
  • What behaviours do our customers expect from our company?

We’ll cover each of these in more detail (and more) over the next weeks and months. In the meantime, do contact us for more information.

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