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How to Take Money from Doordash’s shareholders

I do just love this. About how to make money from Doordash.
“… if you order a $24 specialty pizza through DoorDash, it will only charge you $16”
So, a restaurant owner decided to see if anyone at Doordash would notice if he and a friend played along…
“The order was put in for another 10 pizzas. But this time, he just put in the dough with no toppings (he indicated at the time dough was essentially costless at that scale, though pandemic baking may have changed things). Now suddenly each trade would net $75 in riskless profit ⇒ $240 from Doordash minus ($160 in costs + $5 in boxes).”
Needless to say (really) no one noticed!
From Matt Levine’s Money Stuff column at Bloomberg. Well worth subscribing to btw.
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