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How to Maximise Your Firm’s Enterprise Value

There comes a time for every business owner, shareholder and director, when their thoughts turn to exiting their business for the highest possible price and maximum return.

Don’t Leave Money on the Table

Professional buyers of companies tell us that most business sellers leave £000,000s to £Ms ‘on the table’ because they;

  • Fail to show consistent and clear growth
  • Don’t have a focused strategy
  • Can’t demonstrate the unique value their business delivers to its customers
  • Haven’t developed a realistic succession plan or professional management structure
  • Have failed to future proof their business systems, processes and culture
  • Struggle to outline risks and mitigating strategies in a convincing way

Professional business sellers say all of the above and point out that it typically takes between two to five years of focused action to put the package together and make the business proposition so compelling that it adds £M to the price that buyers will offer.

That is your challenge and opportunity. You can make your business worth more and reap the rewards, by getting the right strategy in place.

A Tried, Tested and Effective Approach to Business Strategy Development

We suggest you bring us in and take a fresh perspective on your strategy. We’ll help you make it more focused, deliverable and customer value oriented.

Our work focuses you, your colleagues and staff on developing and delivering on a business strategy to maximise enterprise value for shareholders and it keeps people accountable for its execution.

It’s a workshop based, facilitated programme where you and your team focus on identifying and doing more of what creates more enterprise value for your business and shareholders.

Plan – Do – Review – Adjust

Taking the simple, proven and effective process of Plan – Do – Review – Adjust and appling it through a structured methodology for developing and executing business strategy. You end up with a blueprint for your future success.

Mind you, when we say structured, you may think that implies a rigid, monolithic and top down approach. It doesn’t.

The process is much more emergent, dynamic and adaptive. And thus totally suited to the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business environment we all operate in.

It works as a ‘loose/tight’ system.

Every element is linked, one to each other.

You work out the critical linkages and then shape them so that all the elements of your strategy work seamlessly to drive towards your goal.

It is Worth Stressing – Your Strategy is developed by You, with Us

That does mean though that your strategy is your responsibility! Executing on it is your responsibility.

Holding you accountable is our responsibility. Challenging your thinking and supporting you through the journey is our responsibility.

If this has piqued your interest and you want to learn more, then your best next step is to get in touch and start a conversation.

Together we can explore the difference it will make to your enterprise value.

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