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High Probability Scam Alert

Some scammer has gone to a goodly amount of trouble and time crafting this scam – supposedly from Paypal.

Here is an image of the main body text.

Paypal Scam


You can see that they’ve used my actual email address, plus all the Paypal brand identity, so it is a good looking email and definitely leads you to think, on first glance, that it is genuine.

This extends to the additional information they include – a footer with details of why it’s a good idea to pay with Paypal and (amusingly) some information explaining why this isn’t a scam email, because;

“How do I know this is not a spoof email?
Spoof or “phishing” emails tend to have generic greetings such as “Dear PayPaI member”. Emails from us will always address you by your given email.”

However, a closer look at the language, which is clearly not written by someone who knows how to write ‘proper’ English, the link URLs and the “sent from” address shows this is a scam. See the image below;

Paypal scam

The first line is the link url which is one character different from the actual Paypal name.

The second line is the “sent from” address, which is clearly not a Paypal email.

I’ve now deleted it!

Stay Vigilant

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