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High Probability Scam Alert

Scam or Spam?

What’s the difference? Scam is when it is deliberately criminal in intent and action, Spam is when it is unwanted and annoying. So all email Scams are Spam…and some Spam emails are Scams. Does that make sense?

In the case below, which is but one example of the many I receive from this company, it is most probably Spam. I say that because they do appear to exist as a real company. However to me, this has many of the hallmarks of Scams.

For example, the use of a well known brand name in the email;


and the overall ‘its too good to be true’ feel of the whole thing. Plus the lack of care and attention given to the offer – is it £50 or £500? And Spring is over – at least here in the UK. Not that Summer has really arrived, but the UK retailers are now on their Summer sales.


So, have I clicked on the ‘Play Bingo’ box to see if I’ve won anything – what do you think?

Stay Vigilant

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