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High Probability Scam Alert

Here are pictures of emails I’ve received over the past few days that look to have a high probability of coming from Scammers.  I’ve deleted them, after taking the pictures below…just in case.

Why this one from Preston Wolfe?

Because it isn’t personalised, comes from an address that is unknown to me and we never get sent unsolicited purchase orders from clients!


Why this one from A1 Business Leaders?

Because it includes my middle name, which means its from someone who has done no research on me and therefore it doesn’t make sense that they think I’m a ‘business leader.’  It’s also appealing to my vanity and that immediately sets up an alert.

limitedsolve Why this one from PayPal?

Because is clearly isn’t from PayPal! See the ‘from’ email address, the inability to include my name in the ‘Notice to’ section and because I know whether or not I actually have a PayPal account.


Why this one from Sue Dadswell?

Because it isn’t from ‘Sue Dadswell’ – see the from email address, because it is also sent to some people I don’t know (I’ve blacked out their email addresses) and because it isn’t something I was looking for! Whatever ‘that stuff’ is.

I’d be happy to showcase any High Probability Scam Alerts that arrive in your inbox.  Just send them to me.

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