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High Probability Scam Alert

Phishing Scam?

This email arrived yesterday, supposedly from someone I know well, which is why;

  • I opened it and was prepared to read it
  • I’ve removed the personally identifiable information from the picture belowDocument

the following features strongly suggest this is a scam email;

  • My name is in the “Bcc” line only, whilst the “To” line is empty, however it is addressed to me by name, not simply an email address
  • I know that the person who supposedly sent this actually tends to use a different email address when communicating
  • Hovering over the ” View Here” button shows that it links to the following URL;


which seems pretty unlikely!

  • I sent an email to the person, using the email address shown and have not had a reply

Overall, this scam email has some features and content that could fool anyone, especially if you simply assume it’s okay because it comes from a known source.

Be vigilant.

[ssf id=67066748]
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