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High Probability Scam Alert

Here is a scam email I received over the weekend.  It’s a rare pleasure to be informed that you have received a refund from HMRC, even if for the sum of £198.54 GBP. Sadly its a con.

High Probability Scam

The ‘Get Started’ link, nicely placed in the email, won’t take you to the HMRC website – but to  The key point here is that the actual url is icyshadowzdesign(dot)com which is of course nothing to do with HMRC.


Of course another giveway is that the email is sent to a generic email address, not to one of our specific emails. A further point to note is that the supposed links at the bottom, starting with ‘Crown Copywright’ don’t have any links associated with them.

Clearly a Scam

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