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Guy Singh-Watson

Guy Singh-Watson Rocks

I love this phrase from Guy Singh-Watson.

Talking about the impact of the coronavirus on his business:

“Our business will be simpler and leaner, which will allow us to offer good value. To get the range right, we must stick to our values but also listen to your (customers) preferences.”

But it’s more than words!

He goes on to say “As a sign of that, tomorrow, I’m going to plough in half of my cardoons and plant raspberries instead; the bloody-minded folly has gone on long enough.”

What is your ‘bloody-minded folly?’ What, in your life, should you metaphorically plough up? And what should you continue to experiment with? On the basis that whilst customers may have preferences, they don’t know what the don’t know. So you can’t just rely on them. You have to keep innovating, testing and trying.

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