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Find out How Secure your Information is with a CyberSecurity Audit (Worth £1,400 and FREE to Firms with up to 200 employees)

This cybersecurity audit will enable you to be clear about how effectively your cybersecurity management policies and plans are working.

Are the right controls in place to protect your confidential information and that of your customers and employees?

How does your CyberSecurity Management System compare with global best practice?

One of our ISO 27001 Certified Information Security Lead Implementers will interview key executives, managers and employees and review your documentation as they undertake a cybersecurity audit to check your policy and management across the following critical areas;

  • Policy
  • Leadership and Organisation
  • Documentation
  • Continual Improvement
  • Risk Assessment
  • Planning and Treatment
  • Operational Plans
  • Performance and Reporting
  • Employees and Contractors
  • Physical Controls
  • Asset Classification and Controls
  • Access to Systems
  • Computer and Network Management
  • Compliance
  • Suppliers

We provide you with a simple to read report that identifies your key strengths, risks and vulnerabilities together with a list of proposed actions.

The report can be presented to your management team and the implications discussed.

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