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Progressive organisations appreciate that leadership skills are not restricted to ‘leaders’. Indeed, the more widespread they are, the more everyone demonstrates them, the more effective their organisation is likely to be in dealing effectively with change, competition and the unknown.

That’s why we provide leadership programmes ranging from Self-Leadership, through Project Leadership to Team Leadership and Organisational Leadership.

So if you want your employees to be empowered to lead, if you need them to take control, make appropriate decisions and move your business forward, perhaps you should talk to us.

Financial Services Company

The company was concerned that it had more business opportunities than suitably qualified executives to deliver them. New Frontiers was asked to lead an Executive Development Programme for senior executives in UK, Europe and Australasia. A total of 45 senior and emerging leaders attended the programme.

Each programme ran over 14 months and included workshops, executive coaching, assessments and reflection and culminated in a series of projects which involved delegates in applying their skills to dealing with the most significant challenges facing the business.

The programme ran for over four years and has had a significant impact on business and personal performance with a significant ROI both for the company and individuals who grew in confidence and were more able to manage pressure, ambiguity and their expanding team’s wellbeing and performance.

One new product was launched (projected revenue of £14.5M per annum) as a direct result of the project based approach we took throughout the programme and several managers have been promoted to major leadership roles across the world, so saving significantly on external recruitment costs and enhancing morale.

Public Sector Organisation

The Director General of this organisation identified the need for senior managers to gain a curiosity for the wider world, add more value to the organisation and to be sufficiently skilled to be promoted, when vacancies arose. The client chose us to run a programme for these senior managers and an agenda that included;

  • Increasing their skills to influence and communicate
  • Individual development coaching
  • Four team workshops dealing with personal development, communication, managing and motivating others, coaching for managers and several psychometric assessments

20 managers attended; leading to new ways of working, improved internal communications and resource sharing. The result is better regulation of the industry sector for which this organisation is responsible.

With workloads increasing without the opportunity to increase head count, phase two of the programme is a wellbeing programme to enable senior managers to manage pressure and enable their team members to as well.


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