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We help you analyse your data and use it to help you make better business decisions…because we are smart at handling data and smart at business.

We’ll take your data and inspect, clean, transform, analyse and model it to uncover useful information, suggest conclusions, and support your decision-making.

We approach this as business people who understand data analysis rather than as technical data analysts, so with us you get a different, fresh perspective.

Yes we know our way around Excel and data models, yes we can use Tableau and other BI tools; more importantly we are skilled at working with the experts who use these tools and with business managers and leaders to ensure everyone gets the best from them.

The difference we make is because we are first and foremost specialists in business strategy, marketing, culture change and people. And then we are data analysts. It means we approach the data analysis challenge differently. Always looking for what works and what will be enough, rather than perfection. Always working with you to understand the minimum required to enable you to make decisions that match your decision making risk appetite.

Because the biggest issue is knowing what you don’t know…and knowing the questions to ask.

We know what to do when you don’t know what to do.

Software Company

This major US software developer was faced with a significant decline in its software license sales across the EMEA region. We were asked to drive the development of a marketing strategy to stabilise the business and prepare it for future growth.

The project started with a detailed analysis of the past 10 years of sales data for customers, products, markets and channels, leading to the creation of a new go-to-market strategy and an innovative 12 step process for sizing opportunities and deciding on investment priorities. The firm is now implementing this strategy and integrating the process into its Global sales operations.


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