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Sales and Business Development in the 21st Century is changing faster than many sales executives can cope with.

The ‘traditional’ sales techniques and strategies are no longer effective and yet many of the skills, processes and capabilities are still vital.They just need reshaping and aligning differently.

And business development executives also need to add some new skills to their repertoire. Including understanding their customer’s customer, value proposition development and the psychology of interpersonal relationships.

It makes it tough for seasoned business development executives…and for new entrants as well.

Less so if you work with us, because we’ve developed a series of workshops, tools, techniques and programmes to help people move forward and make a success of business development in the 21st Century.

Logistics Company

Within a new organisation structure, 22 senior Directors and General Managers needed to improve their business development capabilities. New Frontiers delivered a business development process and training programme to;

  • Enhance their competencies as business development professionals
  • Differentiate the organisation from its numerous competitors
  • Equip them with the skills to gain buy-in to their unque value

The programme consists of a series of workshops, individual coaching sessions, personal reflection and learning and psychometric assessments. Executives are learning how to become more trusted as advisors to their customers and to win business by ‘thinking from your customer’s perspective’.

  • Revenue has grown by 7.6% in the 12 months since the programme
  • The client has won new customers and new contracts worth a total of £103 million of net secured business

Our work has involved challenging and changing the behaviours of their business development teams, transforming the dialogue they enter into with their clients and enabling them to develop innovative new solutions to more effectively meet market needs.

Customer feedback is also positive, the organisation is increasingly perceived as a provider of value, rather than as merely a low cost operator.

Car Dealership

The dealer principle identified that customer service staff had a potentially key role in growing services and parts sales by becoming more trusted advisors to their customers. New Frontiers was asked to develop a short  programme to support and develop employees through the transition.

As an immediate result, services revenues increased by 10% and employees reported improved motivation and enthusiasm for their new more challenging roles.




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