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Curiosity Curious

Curious about Curiosity

I recall one of my clients saying that the single thing he looks for in…

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Step By Step Guide To Implementing ISO 27001

A Step by Step Guide to Implementing ISO 27001

Here is a free document I created a while back and which I feel hasn't…

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Values In Use Exit

Values in Use

Firms work with two types of values (talking about culture, behaviours and that sort of…

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Symmetry A Tree And Connie

A Sort of Symmetry

A sort of symmetry between the dead and the living...on our walk Connie (the dog)…

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Resilience Training Company Certification Process May 2020

Resilience Training Company and Pride

I'm really quite proud of this... I'm delighted to have helped Susan Scott transform the…

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Guy Singh-Watson

Guy Singh-Watson Rocks

I love this phrase from Guy Singh-Watson. Talking about the impact of the #coronavirus on…

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